Black Velvet Candles

Stress Relief Soy Candle


Relax & breathe to the exotic Egyptian amber and elegant French lavender. It creates a comforting atmosphere with hints of tonka bean and myrrh to add sophistication, creating the ideal balance of sweet floral and warm earthy notes. Its Fresh woodsy bottom notes  makes it perfect for a soothing atmosphere.

SMELLS LIKE: This particular candle is  a bit more complex to describe. It is a unique combination of 3 essential and fragrance oils that gives it a unique scent. It is a #1 seller and everyone that smells this candle compares it to lavender, and eucalyptus followed by sweet floral and  earthy tones.  Top: floral Middle: french lavender, amber Bottom: tonka bean, egyptian musk, sage

Made in United States of America

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