Peace Ceremony Mist

Peace Ceremony Mist

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Palo Santo + Sweetgrass + White Sage

Peace Ceremony is our Sacred Mist to cleanse and honor your sacred space, offerings and self-care rituals. Hand-fragranced in small batches Peace Ceremony is infused with a whole essential oil blend of Palo Santo, Sweetgrass, and White Sage essences. Using only sustainably sourced ingredients Peace Ceremony is our sacred offering from our studio to your heart and home.

How To Use: Can be used as a daily ritual and for ceremony. Mist with intention on the body, home and sacred space.

Key ingredients: Alkaline Water, Specially Denatured Alcohol, Natural Essential Oil, Palo Santo Oil, White Sage Oil.

Organic + Vegan // Chemical + Cruelty Free

Made in California.

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