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Lavender Kimono Robe


Who says you can't look great while lounging? Our robes are made with luxurious soft cotton, slightly thicker than the weave on our scarves; it has two pockets and a belt stitched at the back to hold it in place. Perfect for that weekend getaway or as an indulgent gift for a special friend. Hand block-printed by artisans in Jaipur. 

These robes come in two sizes.

  • Small/Medium - Inseam 33.5" / Length 46" / Shoulder 23"
  • Medium/Large - Inseam 36" / Length 50" / Shoulder 25.5"

A word on sizing - when in doubt, we suggest you pick the small/medium - it will work for most. Staci and Maria are both wearing the Small/Medium, Chris is wearing the Medium/Large 

100% Cotton


This robe was made using a traditional block-printing process. Wooden blocks are carefully prepared by master carvers which are then dipped in dye and stamped onto the fabric. Each color/pattern combination requires a block and each robe may need several block-prints to achieve the final design. Every step of the process from the design sketch, to the carving of the wooden blocks, to dye-mixing, to block-printing, to washing & drying, has been done entirely by hand, respecting a tradition that dates back thousands of years

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