Amor Necklace

Amor Necklace



We love a good coin pendant for any outfit. Our French Lessons Series is created with 14k gold fill chain, and heavy gold plated pendants. This collection is about celebrating beautiful and powerful words in one of our favorite languages.

Derived from Middle English, love, affection, from Anglo-French, from Old Occitan amor, from Latin, from amare to love


How we wear:

We love a good layering action with our French Lessons Series. Making this your longest layer and stacking with other delicate necklaces, create a well-curated look in a snap. Pairs well with your classic white tee or all the vintage band graphics we're drooling over this season. Basically, this pendant necklace is your new go-to for your most casual looks. 


The Nitty Gritty:
    • Handmade item
    • 20" in length
    • 14k gold fill chain
    • Heavy 18k gold plate pendant

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